Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Knitting Teddies in One Piece

This is the time of year when I am madly knitting teddies for a couple of charities I support.

Have you knitted a teddy?  If you know how to cast on, knit, purl and cast off you are ready to start...
If you don't know how to knit, there are many books and Youtube video clips that can help you learn.

The first pattern I will share with you uses 8 ply yarn and 4mm knitting needles.  
The teddy is made in stocking stitch - one row knit, the next row purl.  
You will cast on at the feet and cast off at the top of the head.
I vary the colours for the different parts, but you could do it in one colour too.

1. Feet: Cast on 32 stitches, using skin colour.  Complete 4 rows in stocking stitch (1 row knit, next row purl)
2. Trousers: Change colour. Complete 16 rows stocking stitch.
3. Belt: Change colour and knit 2 rows.
4. Top: Change colour.  Complete 13 rows stocking stitch.
Note: I have knitted top in stripes but one colour works well too.
Next row decrease for neck – Purl 3, P2 tog, P6, P2 tog, P6, P2 tog, P6, P2 tog, P3.
5. Head: Change colour. Complete 14 rows in stocking stitch.
Cast off.

Now that your teddy is knitted, I'll give you some help turning it into a loveable toy.

Join the side edges together at the centre back.  I do this on the wrong side and use a running stitch.  If you have used different colours, you may need to stitch each section with the correct colour.
You should now have a tube.
Make sure that the seam you have just sewn is running down the centre.
Then stitch the head closed across the top.
Turn your teddy so that the right side is on the outside.
The right side is the smooth side of your knitting.
Stuff with NEW polyester filling.  I buy the hobby filling (from Spotlight, Lincraft, Big W or Daiso),  but I know other people use new pillows (Twin pillow packs are sometimes cheaper)
Making sure the seam at the back is still in the centre, close the feet.
I usually do this from the centre out to each side.

Make the legs by joining the front to the back, starting at the feet and finishing 4 rows below the waist.  I try to run the stitching along the same stitch of my knitting to keep the legs an even size.
The tighter you pull this running stitch (or back stitch), the more the leg separation will show.
Give your bear 2 arms the same way.  Start at the waist and finish 3 rows before head starts.
I usually place the arms 3 stitches in from each side and keep the needle going straight through to the back.
To define the neck a bit more, run a row of yarn through the first row of knitting for the head.
Pull it in slightly and knot the ends to prevent it coming loose.  Thread ends into body.
Now for some ears.  Pinch the top corner of the head and stitch across the it to make an ear.
Repeat on the other side for the second ear.
I use black or brown yarn for the features.  Come in from the back of the head for the first eye (to stop the yarn being pulled out, you can put a small knot in the end - pull it into the bear but not through to the front)
I usually give each eye 2 lines in the same knit spaces.  To move to the other eye put your needle through some stuffing to hide the wool shadow (if teddy is in pale colours).
I leave 2 knitted stitches between the eyes.
Bring your yarn up between the 2 eyes for the nose.
Stitch 3 lines in the same spaces for the nose - I usually do a central one, then one on each side of this.
Make the mouth the same size on each side of the nose.
Take your yarn through to the back of the head and make a knot before cutting off excess yarn.
Your teddy is now ready to be loved.
Depending on where it will be used, you may want to trim it with a ribbon bow at the neck.
However, as this one is going to babies it can't have any ribbon ties.
Well I hope this inspires you to try knitting a teddy.  
When you tire of the plain ones, try doing stripes or varying the stitches - I've done some with moss stitch tops. (K1, P1 across row, then start the next row with the stitch you finished the last row on - for this bear the second row is P1, K1)


  1. Thank you for explaining each detail. I'm going to make one soon and will surely show it.

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  3. Thanks for it!! I enjoyed doing it a lot!! Wonderful explanations

  4. Thank you so much for this very clear and easily understood pattern... Can't wait to make one!

  5. I too am a Nana, , I can't knit large items anymore due to my left elbow, so I found this little pattern,I have plenty of wool needlepoint yarn...And here goes thanks so much for sharing... God Bless you and all that you do for folks... Linda Lafayette

  6. Ive copied the pattern but can i do the head first. And work down. Or is this the easy way to do it

  7. You could knit this bear either from the feet (as per pattern) or from the head by reversing the pattern order.

  8. I really had fun knitting this. It is an adorable pattern!

    But I don't understand what you are doing to form the ears. Could you please explain that to me with a bit more detail?

  9. I love the tedddy pattern that pattern is using

  10. I can’t wait. Thank you for sharing.

  11. love this pattern i am hoping my mom can knit it for me

  12. I like the knitted teddies they are cutei am going to kllects teddiesnit a couple of wteddies for my daughter she co

  13. Thankyou super little teddy for charity's.looking forward to making some x

  14. I would like the see the back where you have sewn it up. Mine was somewhat messy...

  15. Very, Very, Very beautiful!!!♥️

  16. Have been looking for a pattern like this for ages, a simple one to teach the granddaughter,and one for me to use my scraps

    Thank you for sharing

  17. thank you for pattern and showing details will try this soon

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